Customer Care

A satisfied Dara Records customer writes:
“Wow! Talk about fast service! The four CDs I ordered just a scant two or three days ago arrived in good shape. The packing was first-rate, which allowed narry a crack on any of the jewel cases. You've got a very wide range of titles and artists that should appeal to anyone who loves Celtic and Irish music.

Again, thank you.

George T”
Thank you, George. Those things are all very important to us, and it’s great to hear a kind word from our customers from time to time.

Another customer writes:
“I was trying for months to replace a CD. All the Best Rebel songs, I ordered it from 2 other locations and after weeks I was contacted saying they did not have the disc available. I ordered it from your company and was pleasantly surprised to receive the disc in 3 days.

Michael M”
Glad to have helped you. You'll find many rare or hard-to-find Irish & Celtic Music items in our Online Catalog.

Questions about your order? You may find your answer here on this page. If not, we’re always here to answer any of your ordering questions...


Or call toll-free: 1-800-714-3272

Credit Cards

Secure online orders may be placed from this site by credit card. We accept the following:

Visa - Mastercard - American Express - Discover


CDs: $16.00    CASSETTES: $5.00

CD Special: $15.00 each for ANY 2 or more ordered

Specially priced CD's or Cassettes, Double CD's or Cassettes, videos and DVD's priced as marked.

PLEASE NOTE: When purchasing an item available in both CD and Cassette formats, the item will initially appear in your shopping cart as a 'CD' (see fig. 1). To select a Cassette, simply click on the drop-down menu beneath your item and choose 'Cassette' (see fig. 2).

Then click the 'Recalculate' button to update your order with the corrected price.


A discount of $2.00 on all orders totalling at least $32.00. A further discount of $1.00 is applied for each additional $16.00 of the order total thereafter.

For example:
  • 2 CD's will cost $32.00,
    minus a $2.00 discount= $30.00
  • 3 CD's will cost $48.00,
    minus a $3.00 discount= $45.00
Under this plan, all merchandise purchased, CD's, cassettes, videos and DVD's, counts towards the discount. The shopping cart automatically calculates your discount and displays the subtracted amount.

Shipping Options

Your order will be shipped within 24 hours.
    U.S. Postal Service:
  • First Class - $3.00 for 1 item, $4.50 for 2 items, $6.00 for 3 items

  • Priority Mail - $7.00 for orders of 4 items or more
    United Parcel Service (UPS):
  • $7.50 regardless of the number of items

International Orders

Payment for all international orders is by credit card. All orders will be shipped airmail.
Area1st ItemEach Additional
All other areas
$ .50

Sales Tax - New York State residents only

The tax rate of 8.375% is the rate that is charged in New York City. New York State tax must also be collected on shipping. The shipping cost you are charged includes that tax.

If your county has a lower rate, please inform us of that in the "Comments/More Information" box which appears in the billing section of our online order form. We will then make the necessary price adjustment when processing your order.

Online Security

All online order transactions at are performed on our secure server using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) technology. Your credit card and other personal information is encrypted to assure that if intercepted while in transit, the information cannot be read. When processed in this manner, online credit card orders are actually safer than most other methods.

To view Dara's online security status, just click on the VeriSign emblem in the header above.

About the secure "padlock" icon

A concerned customer writes:
“hello dara records-
just wondering if your on-line ordering site is secure. i started to place an order and noticed my icon for a secure site was unlocked as i started to enter my card info.
please let me know.”

name & email address witheld

Because our Online Catalog section is designed using frames, the "unlocked" padlock icon may not appear in your browser's status bar, which displays the properties of the outer frameset page. While the outer frame page is not secure, the enclosed "checkout" page IS in a secure layer.

To test this for yourself:
On a Windows PC, right-button click on the checkout portion of the page and select "Properties" from the drop-down menu. You will see a dialog box showing that it is in the secure layer.

On a Mac, hold your mouse cursor down over the checkout portion of the page until a pop-up menu appears. Then choose the "Page info" option. A dialog box will appear which displays the security status (and the "locked" icon).
NOTE: Before choosing to "Finalize your Order" (or "checkout"), the shopping cart page is NOT secure, nor is it intended to be, since no sensitive information has been entered as yet.

Other Ways to Order

By Phone

For credit card orders, call toll free
9am-7pm, Eastern Time: 1-800-714-3272

By Mail

Please use this printable order form and print clearly.

Indicate clearly whether you are ordering a CD or DVD in the Format box.

Make checks payable to DARA RECORDS.

A full refund will be issued for any item we are unable to fill, unless you have listed an alternate choice. If using a credit card please fill out the appropriate section.

207 E. 84th Street #202
New York, NY 10028

By Fax

You may also fax your order form 24 hours a day to our fax number: 1-212-628-7224

For More Information

If you have any questions about either the contents of the albums or other ordering information, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Call toll-free: 1-800-714-3272

Dara Records
207 E. 84th Street #202
New York, NY 10028

TEL: 1-800-714-3272
FAX: 1-212-628-7224

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