Dara Records was founded by Maggie Cadden as a record distribution business which began in 1980. We now feature the largest selection of Celtic Music offered by any mailorder record distributor.
At the same time Dara Records was started, Maggie became involved in concert promotion. She has produced concerts for the biggest names in Irish music including Phil Coulter, The Fureys, De Dannan, Mary Black, Dolores Keane, Maura O'Connell, Finbar Wright, Makem & Clancy among others. She is currently the American promoter for Phil Coulter, The Fureys, Finbar Wright and Dolores Keane. This involvement in the promotion aspect of the business keeps Dara informed of what is the best and new in Celtic music. To help bring this information to you, we publish the Irish Music News.
This combination of knowledge and practical experience has been put to work in our mailorder business. Here is what we offer:

The largest selection of Irish and Celtic Music titles of any mailorder record business. We also have a limited supply of other titles which we do not list in our catalog. So if you don't see what you're looking for, please ask.

Our single price policy allows you substantial savings on our wide selection.
Cassettes are $5.00 each.

Compact Discs are $16.00 each and 2 for $30.00. After the purchase of 2 CD's all additional CD's in an order are $15.00 each.

DVDs, Videos, Double Cassettes and CD's are all competitively priced.

A discount of $2.00 on all orders totalling at least $32.00. A further discount of $1.00 is applied for each additional $16.00 of the order total thereafter.

For example:
  • 2 CD's will cost $32.00,
    minus a $2.00 discount= $30.00.
  • 3 CD's will cost $48.00,
    minus a $3.00 discount= $45.00.
Under this plan, all merchandise purchased, CD's, cassettes, videos and DVD's, counts towards the discount. The shopping cart automatically calculates your discount and displays the subtracted amount.

Mailing Costs are kept to a minimum.

First Class Mail
1 Items . . $3.00
2 Items . . $4.50
3 Items . . $6.00

Priority Mail
is automatically used when 4 or more items are ordered. The cost is only $7.00 regardless of the number of items.

United Parcel Service (UPS)
Packages can be sent by UPS for $7.50 regardless of the number of items.

We do not list an item in our catalog unless we have an adequate supply to fill anticipated orders. In almost all instances, we will ship your order the same day we receive it. If there is a delay of more than 3 days, we will inform you of both the delay and the reason, so you can decide if you want to wait. When the item is again available, you can order it at the price and mailing cost that applied when you placed your order.

Contact Dara Records
For inquiries regarding orders or anything that may not have been covered here:

EMAIL: sales@dararecords.com
PHONE: (800) 714-3272
FAX: (212) 628-7224
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