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The Best of Riverdance

KDVD 2982DVD$25.00
Selection of 18 of the all-time best performances of Riverdance from its debut at the Point Theatre in Dublin, through Radio City Music Hall in New York, to the latest production in Geneva, Switzerland.

Program Selections:

Chapter 1: Reel Around The Sun (Michael Flatley)
Chapter 2: Heart's Cry
Chapter 3: Countess Cathleen (Joanne Doyle, Jean Butler)
Chapter 4: Caoineadh Chu Chulainn (featuring Davy Spillane)
Chapter 5: Thunderstorm
Chapter 6: Shivna
Chapter 7: Firedance
Chapter 8: Slip Into Spring Harvest (featuring Eileen Ivers)
Chapter 9: Riverdance (Michael Flatley, Jean Butler, Colin Dunne, Breandan De Gallai, Joanne Doyle)
Chapter 10: American Wake
Chapter 11: Lift The Wings
Chapter 12: Heal Their Hearts
Chapter 13: Trading Taps
Chapter 14: The Russian Dervish
Chapter 15: Ri Ra
Chapter 16: Slow Air/ Tunes
Chapter 17: Home & The Heartland
Chapter 18: Heartland at the Point (Michael Flatley, Jean Butler)
Chapter 19: Finale

DVD Features:
65 minute documentary celebrating the first ten years of Riverdance, introduced by Gabriel Byrne.

Running time: 112 mins.