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Cherish the Ladies - Heart of the Home

CTL 1025CD$16.00

Track Listings:

1) MARCH and REEL: The Portumna Workhouse /  The Hurling Boys of Portumna

2) SONG: Glenties (featuring Kate Purcell)

3) REELS: Paddy Mills Fancy / The Eel in thr Sink / Johnny Henry's

4) SONG: Heart of the Home (featuring Nathan Carter)

5) JIGS: The Murphy Boys / Planxty Johnston

6) WALTZ: Farewell to the Catskills

7) REELS: Laddy from Cavan / O'Loughlin's Welcome to Miltown /The House on the Hill

8) SONG: The Little Thatched Cabin  (featuring Molly O'Riordan)

9) JIGS: Humours of Mullin-A-Faunia / Farewell to the Troubles of the World / Moloney's Jig

10) SONG: Shadow of a Singer and His Song (featuring Don Stiffe)

11) HORNPIPES; Princess Beatrice / Fly by Night

12) SONG; Ambletown (featuring the Ennis Sisters)

13) AIRand REELS: cailin na Grauige Doinne / New Years Eve / The Palm Tree

14) REELS: Gloria's Travels / Galloping to the Glen / The Montana Reel